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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What are the benefits of using LJM Design rather than going straight to a builder?

A. By going straight to the builder you miss one vital stage of your project, the design stage. While builders
concentrate on the construction process and some designers solely design, LJM can handle both tasks.

Q. Will the designer tell me if the design I want is feasible?

A. During our initial visit we can discuss all your options and we will ensure that you make the best informed
decision. Our designers will be there to answer any questions and resolve any concerns you may have.

Q. What is planning permission?

A. Depending on the nature of the project, your local authority may require a planning permission application,
which gives you the official authorisation to complete the intended project. Our design team will advise and if
required complete all application forms on your behalf.

Q. What are Building Regulations?

A. Building Regulations are different from planning permission. The building regulations are the minimum
standards that apply to all building works within the UK and usually the local authority building control depart will
check to see that your construction project complies with the building regulations. This means that a building
regulation application will need submitting to your local authority. Again our design team will advise and if required
complete the building regulation application on your behalf.
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Planning Portal